Fur Re-Style & Alterations

Whether your fur is brand new or vintage, buying a fur piece is an investment and there is a good chance that over time you may wish to change update or change the style of your fur item. If your fur has been properly cared for, there"s no reason why you should not be able to enjoy your fur in a number of different styles and fashions for many decades. At Dan Sharp Luxury Furs we will help you to re-design and repurpose your fur to fit a new trend or personal sense of style.

If you are simply looking for alternations on your existing fur pieces and not a total design overhaul, we can assist with that as well. Our in-house staff will expertly tailor your fur to your needs and expectations.

With re-styling and alteration options at your finger-tips, there"s no reason your fur item can"t last a lifetime!

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