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Fur fashion is on trend right now. When people think of fur they often think of a full mink coat that might be worn by somebody"s grandmother, and while a full fur coat is timeless, fur can also be very modern. Whether used as a vest, a collar or a cuff, fur elements are being incorporated into modern high fashion design on runways around the globe. New design techniques see designers dying furs bright colors, pairing fur with other fabrics like leather, silk, and wool. These new techniques help to make fur more wearable and appealing to all generations.

One of the things that make fur fashion so appealing is that no two pieces of fur are exactly alike, making your fur pieces truly unique. Whether you are looking for Ready-to-Wear or Haute Couture, you are sure to find the piece for you in our fine selection of traditional and modern fur pieces at Dan Sharp Luxury Outerwear in Denver.

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